Paris, 1920s. When Sylvia Beach, a bold American bookseller living in Paris, risks her reputation and livelihood by publishing James Joyce's widely banned Ulysses, the revolutionary novel goes on to become one of the most respected of the 20th century.

​Left Bank Bookseller: period drama (27:30)

Starring Megan Corry as Sylvia Beach, Joseph Hamel as James Joyce, Krista Amigone as Nora Joyce and Stephanie Weyman as Adrienne Monnier. 

Jed Peterson as Ezra Pound, Anton Rayn as Frank Budgeon, Edward Furs as Fontainas.

Directed by Matt Pourviseh; Co-Directed and Written by Lisa Reznik; Edited by Johnny Tsang; Director of Photography Just Simpson.


James Joyce

Sylvia Beach